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The Hyde 21st Century Community Learning Center’s Afterschool Program serves 200 children across Hyde County at two unique sites. On Mainland Hyde, the program is housed at Mattamuskeet Elementary School and Mattamuskeet Early College High School. The Ocracoke site is housed at Ocracoke School. Both sites have afterschool programming Monday through Thursday from 3:00 until 6:00PM. 

Our team works with students during these hours, providing a healthy snack and exercise time as well as academic tutoring and enrichment. The academic support is invaluable for our students, as we mitigate the lingering effects of learning loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the afterschool program setting being less formal than a school day classroom setting, there is space for students to pursue friendships and meaningful connections with those around them in a fun yet enriching environment. We strive to promote our student’s overall success in school and in our communities.



Kindergarten through 12th grade students attending Hyde County Schools at MES, MECHS and Ocracoke School are eligible to apply to participate in the Hyde 21st CCLC Afterschool Program. 



Applications are sent home with K thru 5th grade students at the beginning of each program year. Additionally, parents/guardians may contact the Site Coordinator at each site to receive an application at any time during the program year. A complete application, including the student information sheet, photo release, participation letter of commitment and any other site specific permissions, must be returned to the Site Coordinator to enroll in the program. Students are enrolled on a first come, first served basis and a wait list is created once the after school program is at capacity. Contact information for the Site Coordinators can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ tab of this site. 



Our tutoring staff work in small groups with students, helping strengthen their subject comprehension through homework, and addressing learning lags from the school day. This time for additional assistance in learning and understanding difficult concepts during after school hours addresses and mitigates the effects of learning loss, and can be the difference between a struggling student and one who thrives.



Our enrichment time is for fun, hands-on learning experiences, which our students look forward to each day! This time provides positive outlets for creativity and discovery in STEM, Arts, SEL & Fitness/Nutrition



Our Hyde 21st CCLC team has partnered with Jason Lineberger of the NC School of Science and Math to develop lesson plans for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) which we use during the after school enrichment period. Students in our program receive STEM enrichment twice a week using a hands-on approach to teach real-world problem solving skills, a creative engineering mindset, and teamwork. 


Our team works with the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh to provide training for our tutors on incorporating arts education into our weekly after school enrichment program. We are using lesson plans developed by educators at the museum to provide quality arts activities during our enrichment time. In these lessons, students look at a work of art from the museum and then participate in an arts activity that builds their knowledge of art history, art vocabulary, and makes connections to world history and culture. Each lesson is connected to the NC Standard Course of Study.


The Hyde 21st CCLC Afterschool Program uses the Second Step Out-of-School-Time Curriculum to promote social-emotional learning with our students. The curriculum focuses on building community during out of school time, growth mindset and goal setting, emotion management, and building empathy and kindness among students in our program. Students participate in this program twice weekly.


Students in the Hyde 21st CCLC are provided a daily healthy snack as well as opportunities for outdoor recreation. We also use the Playworks Playbook to lead outdoor physical activities with our students at least twice a week. The games in the Playbook are designed to teach cooperation and teamwork skills. Additionally, our program has partnered with the POE Center for Health Education in Raleigh to provide educational experiences concerning health and nutrition for students, their families and our Hyde County Schools faculty & staff.  Educators from the POE Center work with our program monthly, virtually and in-person, to teach our students and their families about healthy snacking, the importance of daily exercise, exploring new foods, and cooking healthy meals for the family.



Battle of the Books is a quiz-based reading program for elementary and middle school students. Students read a list of books for their age range and then come together to compete on teams against each other in their knowledge about the books. Hyde 21st CCLC sponsors teams for 2nd and 3rd graders, 4th and 5th graders, and middle school students. Students  meet weekly to discuss the books and practice quiz questions.


GEST is an event at the Duke Marine Lab in Morehead City, NC which exposes middle school girls to STEM fields and female role models in STEM careers. Hyde 21st CCLC provides a field trip to this one-day event in the spring each year. Our students participate in hands-on STEM exploration at the lab, a panel discussion with female scientists in the state, and get to meet students from other Eastern North Carolina schools. The event happens each year in AprIL. 


Drama Club is offered to middle school and high school students at our Ocracoke site. The club meets twice weekly to read plays, participate in acting exercises, and put on productions for the community. 


Running Club is offered at our Ocracoke site for 3rd through 12th grade students. Students meet twice weekly to work out and run together with the goal of running a 5k at the end of the season.

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